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Access to TickerTree

Connections to all brands 
owned by publicly-traded companies
Connections to many brands
owned by privately-held companies
Easy-to-navigate visual 
Updated weekly

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Updated weekly
CSV file format
Available via AWS
Detailed “Snapshots” provide commentary and citation when a brand changes hands

An Indispensable Investment

LikeFolio tracks the ever-changing landscape of brands like no other. Our success at LikeFolio depends upon it and so does yours. Our team of researchers and analysts are ruthlessly committed to TickerTree’s accuracy and reliability.

Keeping a resource like TickerTree up-to-date is not feasible for most organizations, but it’s utility is invaluable and limitless. We’re helping brands and funds alike to streamline their workflow and keep their teams focused on what they do best. As such, the starting point for access to the TickerTree database is $50,000 annually – far less than the investment in a dedicated team member with a far more reliable outcome.

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