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TickerTree is your up-to-date database of brands, companies, and tickers.

Knowledge is power and knowing all the players in the game make all the difference. The landscape of consumer brands, private businesses, publicly-traded companies, and private equity firms is constantly shifting. Knowing which company owns what product/brand is the first step in discovering big opportunities.

TickerTree equips you with the full picture to make your application and content streams smarter and more useful. We’ve connected the dots from brands to parents company… all the way to the market ticker and have made this powerful database available to power players and platforms alike.

Millions of consumers are talking about brands daily - TickerTree helps you find them all

Comprehensive Coverage

We cover and track a growing list of every brand and product in a covered company’s universe.

Public Companies: 408
Private Companies: 20
Brands: 11,093

Brand-Initiated Coverage

Some clients need to track ownership of brands outside of comprehensive coverage. We add brands on demand.
Public Companies: 565
Private Companies: 3,307
Brands: 8,298

TickerTree connects all the dots

Make informed decisions based upon an accurate picture of the landscape of brands.

The landscape of brand ownership is constantly changing. Put the power of the TickerTree database to work in your trading decisions, marketing strategy development, and boardroom deliberations.

Stay connected to the latest information by subscribing to the TickerTree database. Updates are made weekly as new brands are launched and mergers and acquisitions are announced.
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LikeFolio uses social data to understand consumer behavior on Main Street before it becomes news on Wall Street. We discover and analyze shifts in consumer behavior by scanning social media for mentions of the brands and products. Our listening engine is powered by our proprietary brand mapping database that allows us to see every mention of every brand/product owned by publicly traded (and some privately held) companies. 
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