LikeFolio launches "TickerTree"

LikeFolio launches TickerTree as a standalone content-tagging and search service for financial platforms, publishers, and data-miners.

The TickerTree brand-to-company database allows publishers, platforms and data-miners to quickly and accurately assign ticker symbols to any piece of content based on the brands and products mentioned in the text.

Originally developed in-house for internal use by LikeFolio, this powerful content-tagging engine is now available for license under the new standalone brand, TickerTree.

“The database we developed has been the backbone of LikeFolio’s world-leading consumer sentiment engine for years, allowing us to accurately tag millions of pieces of content to the correct tickers symbol every single day,” said LikeFolio co-founder, Landon Swan.  “Now, with the launch of TickerTree, we’re enabling firms to take advantage of this unique dataset as well.”

TickerTree customers are able to license the full database for use on their own systems, or ping a pay-per-use API with sections of text containing brand, product or company names for identification and tagging. 

Use case examples include:

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